Leaves Falling Set of 6

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Send joy with with a vista of our gorgeous cemetery by local artist Patrick Connors. Set includes 6 cards with envelopes.

Blank Inside

This work is one of 30 works shown in December 2019 as part of his solo "A Place Apart" exhibition.

"A Place Apart is an exhibition of thirty of my small oils that depict Laurel Hill Cemetery in Fairmount Park, Philadelphia. Painted over the period of four seasons, I made a number of drawings and oil paintings of the cemetery’s gravestones, statuary, architecture, trees, landscape, and incomparable vistas of the Schuylkill River. Until last year, I had not painted or drawn much within its boundaries; in fact, as much as I enjoyed walking through the cemetery grounds, it remained an inspiring subject matter for my artwork only when seen from a distance or from along its outside boundaries" -Patrick Connors

See more artwork at www.connorsfinearts.com

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