Fugit Hora! Magnet

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We are proud to carry a selection of items from The Gravestone Girls based in Massachusetts!

Fugit Hora! is Latin for Time Flies and serves as a warning to the living their hourglasses were running and could be at the last grain of sand at any moment. From the gravestone of Samuel Sargent, died September 22, 1710 and buried in Bell Rock Cemetery, Malden, Massachusetts. Pairs well with it's neighboring sentiment Think!

From The Gravestone Girls' website:

"To produce our three-dimensional art pieces, we perfected a casting technique which exactly replicates the original gravestone carving. The creations in our collection are derived from 17th-21st century gravestones found in cemeteries throughout the New England region. All our pieces are hand-formed and finished in a process we specifically developed. It’s important to note that no stones are ever harmed by our techniques—preservation is our primary concern!"

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