175 Years of Reflections, Laurel Hill Cemetery 1836-2011

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Laurel Hill Cemetery is neither the oldest nor the largest burial ground in the Philadelphia area, but it is certainly among the most memorable. It is the last resting place of the famous and the ordinary. The monuments range from elaborate works of funerary art to the very simple. What can be seen at Laurel Hill touches the heart and gives a sense of peace that makes one believe that the dead do not lie here unhappily. Those who visit it, respond to it, and they have since the Cemetery opened in 1836.

This book is a collection of 175 personal reflections, created by our visitors, patrons and those persons past and present whose committment to Laurel Hill has been demonstrated by their labors of the mind, body and soul. It has been conceived, compiled, edited and produced by the Friends of Laurel Hill Cemetery as part of our enduring efforts to preserve and promote the site that gives us both purpose and pleasure.

While not intended to be a comprehensive history of Laurel Hill, the compilation reveals many layers of its complex narrative throug the perspectives and pens of those who have been part of it. It features 175 pages of essays, poems, photographs and artwork from both contemporary and historical submissions.

175 pages, full-color, hardcover.

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